What Is Blogging ? Blogging Means

Hey guys, wondering about what is blogging ? Blogging means – What is that meaning ??

So let’s first define the meaning of Blog.

What is Blog ?

Blog is the short form of “Weblog” which is as an information or journal or summary about something which contains the information about a topic.

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In the Blog, a writer write and share his/her knowledge about a specific topic by writing articles/post in that blog and that writing of blog is known as “Blogging”

In another words, we can say that Blog is a diary which has many types like Diary for entertainment, Diary for Information, Diary for videos, Diary for reviews, Diary for fashion, etc. etc…

What I mean is that Blog is not only for a single topic and issue. Blog has very wide area because of the topics which we have in our daily life.

What Is Blogging ? Blogging Means

Types Of Blogs :-

So we get some idea that What is Blog ? Now we look into that What are the types of Blogs ??

Now it is that type of question which answer is not correct because Blog’s types are as much as there are topics and contents.

More the topics and more the content so more the blog types.

But Some types we mention as

  1. Lifestyle Blogs
  2. Travel Blogs
  3. Fashion Blogs
  4. Tech Blogs
  5. Business Blogs
  6. News Blogs And Many More Niche Topic Blogs.

Now What is Blogging ?

So writing about something in your specific blog is known as “Blogging”.

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Now a days Blogging is very important for a business and for a project because by blogging you can define your business and your project very well and able to share your thoughts and your business to the world.

Now Blogging is not just for business purposes. We can use it for our individual sharing purposes.

Like Blogging has many types according to what type of blog we write and create.

LIke if we create a Fashion Blog than we are doing Fashion Blogging, if we create a travel blog then we are doing Travel Blogging and many more like that.

Now the Question is What is the Purpose of Blogging ??

So when you have some doubt and question, then what you do to find its answer ??

Obviously maximum time we find it on Google. So when you search your question and on your screen you appears many articles with your answer.

So what are those ? Those are the Blogs which a Blogger write on Google.

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All the question we search on Google and which answer we find those are only the answer provided by a blogger by his/her blog.

So to provide answer of any type of question every blogger is doing blogging right now and providing information about the every specific topic.

It have also for the purpose of Business and to create a large audience of your Business.

With the help of this you can reach to the right people who need your project and information.

And after that Blogging is also the method for earning a good money income in your bank account.

But for earning money you have to work for it so that you can get some good results by blogging.

What Is Blogger ?

Now What is Blogger ? So As we Read above writing a Blog is called blogging so a person who owns a blog is known a Blogger.

Blogger is a person who create a blog about a specific topic or content and share his/her knowledge and experience with others. He is then known as Blogger.

So how much a Blogger can earn from Blog. Its answer is that a blogger can earn in crores if he/she does his/her job (blogging) in a very professional manner by giving time to his/her blog.

Here are the Names of the Biggest and Reechest Blogger of India

  1. Amit Agarwal (Labnol)
  2. Pritam Nagrale (MoneyConnexion)
  3. Harsh Agarwal ( ShoutMeLoud)
  4. Shradha Sharma (YourStory)
  5. Anand Khanse (TheWindowsClub)
  6. Abhijit Mukherjee (GuidingTech)
  7. Nandini Shenoy (PinkVilla)
  8. Arun Prabhudesai (Trak.in)

There are many more Bloggers who choose their permanent career as Blogging.

How a Blogger Earn ?

A Blogger have many option to earn money by his/her blogs.

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First he/she will paid by a ad partner like Google Adsense and another adsense alternative ad networks.

Secondly, they can earn by affiliate links (private or ad network).

They can earn by using their own products like e-books and tutorials.

Also Bloggers can earn by selling memberships for access to exclusive content or advice.

Or you will earn by using your blog as a content marketing tool for your business.

So friends I hope with the help of my article you have cleared your doubts about What is blogging ? and What is a Blog and Blogger ?

So friends if you are thinking to create a new Blog and want to start your blog you will definitely try.

If you are not confident then firstly start with a free blog.

Now how we create a Blog ? We will read briefly about this in our next article. Till then Have A Good Day Friends….!!

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