Unlimited Copyright Free Images

Starting your Blog or Youtube channel and wondering for copyright strike for used images and videos. Here is solution for all of us which is Unlimited Copyright Free Images.

Unlimited Copyright Free Images
Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

Yes you will able to use unlimited copyright free images after reading this.

So starting from why we need photos ? Because as we are working online and everyone has its own created content and its authority for use.

And if someone use another content (images or videos) then he can do copyright strike on you and your blog or youtube channel gets block or suspended.

Solution Is Here – Unlimited Copyright Free Images

So its solution is to use copyright free content which are images and videos or you make your own images and videos.

But besides making your own content (images or videos) by spending lots of time on it there is another way by which you can use unlimited copyright free images and videos.

For this you just need to type in your Google search feed Pexels.com.


Then a site appears which is Pexels.com and from this site you can download unlimited copyright free images and videos related to your content.

Pexels.com is the solution for our copyright free content either images or videos.

From this site you can choose and select every type of images and videos which are totally copyright free in use.

When you download images and videos from pexels.com then you mention the original creator of that image or video in its caption.

You can support the real creator by following their profile if you want to follow.

Categories on Pexels.com

On Pexels.com you have found many categories of images and videos.

Categories on pexels.com are as follows

  1. HD Wallpapers
  2. Dark Wallpapers
  3. Beauty Wallpapers
  4. Happy Birthday Images
  5. Happy Family Images
  6. Dream Wallpapers
  7. War Images
  8. Event Images
  9. Couples Images
  10. Movie Images
  11. Leaf Images
  12. Games Images
  13. Pose
  14. Innovation Images
  15. E-Commerce
  16. World Map Images
  17. Dentist Images
  18. Talk Images

Like these categories you found there many other categories which you required for your blog or youtube channel.

So if you want to use copyright free images and videos you can go for Pexels.com without any doubt.

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