Symphony Winter+ Powerful Desert Air Cooler 56-litres

Symphony Winter+ Powerful Desert Air Cooler 56-litres is another great air cooler from Symphony which is going to be a very good companion in this hot summer.

Symphony Winter+ Powerful Desert Air Cooler 56-litres

This cooler has 56 Ltrs capacity with an air fan. With 4-Side cooling fans it is going to be very cool.

It has very good Whisper-Quit Performance with Low-Power consumption at all.

Its price is 10,999.00 Rupees only which is very good for that type of air cooler.

CapacityLarge 56-litres
Coverage AreaIdeal for room size up to 125 cubic meters
Cooling MediaHighly-effective aspen cooling pads on 4 sides with cool flow dispenser and Plus Air Fan ensure superior cooling
Control PanelEasy to use dial knob controls
Dimensions (LxBxH)630 mm x 445 mm x 1105 mm
DesignContemporary Pentagonal Design
Power Consumption185 watts (also works on inverter power)
Operating voltage230 V/50 Hz (Runs on operating cost of a fan)
Package Includes1 unit air cooler, 5 units castor wheels

From The Manufacturer – Symphony Winter+ Powerful Desert Air Cooler 56-litres

This Symphony Air Cooler has Contemporary pentagonal design and having cooling pads on 4-sides, which makes Symphony Winter+ the most popular air cooler for home amongst the entire range.

Symphony Winter+ Powerful Desert Air Cooler 56-litres

This is a high-performance desert air cooler, designed to be used for hot and dry climates.

With its cooling pads on four sides, Winter + offers the most comprehensive cooling as the fresh air reaches you from all directions.

Not only with its stunning looks, it is packaged also with features such as powerful + Air fan with whisper-quiet performance, wide-angle airflow, and multiple fan speed which delivers powerful airflow.

Symphony Winter+ has 56-liter water tank, which helps the air cooler for an uninterrupted cooling for a long time period.

Castor Wheels
Its specially designed castor wheels rotate at 360-degree angle. Thanks to this cool feature as you can easily move the cooler around the house.

With a strong castor wheels fitted in it, it enables trouble-free movability from a living area to medium or large room and even to an outdoor area.

The highly-effective Symphony Winter + air cooler for home comes fitted with high-efficiency aspen cooling pads with large pad area, cool flow dispenser which ensures effective cooling.

Symphony Winter+ Powerful Desert Air Cooler 56-litres

Symphony Winter+ consumes 185 watts of energy, which easily compliments your rooms up to 125 cubic meters.

Note – Always remember to keep the door/window open for cross ventilation & effective cooling.

With powerful fan and specially designed grill of the cooler ensures better air throw while the automatic louver movement easily oscillates to cool your entire room.

This Symphony Winter+ air cooler also has dial knob controls which helps you to switch between different fan speeds and mode easily.

Ratings For This Symphony Winter + Desert Cooler is 3.5-

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

You Can Check This Symphony Air Cooler Here –

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Note – Symphony Limited

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