Life in 21 Days Lockdown – Where I am Now in India

So basically I am from Haryana. But due to my job I am living in Pune – The Education Hub of India. And now my life in 21 days lockdown which is going to be very crucial time period for us.

Coronavirus outbreak - Life in 21 days in Lockdown
Life in 21 days Lockdown

Now as all of us know that ‘This is Corona Time’ so everywhere is lockdown in India.

So I locked down in The Pune. I am living in the Pune on rent and having my food in the messes or hotels.

But due to this lock down these messes and hotels are totally closed and I have to make food for me by myself.

I am not a good cook but should try to get some food to eat.

Our life in 21 days lockdown is like we are just locked in a prison and the prison is our home.

I Want To Go Home Right Now

As far from home we all miss our mother’s food and her care in the situations like this. But what can I do. I stuck into that city which is very far from my home.

When I talked to my mother yesterday night, she is worried about me very much.

She said Take care, Don’t go outside your room, just stay safe, God will take care do not panic.

Now the question is that when this going to an end

It seems like it will go very far like a long battle. We all should understand that the situation in very critical and if you ignore this, it will going to be very very critical.

Only one solution is that we should stay at home and pray for the decrease in the number of cases of Coronavirus which are coming daily.

If this number decrease then it can happen that this 21 days lockdown will over before 21 days that is before 14 April 2020.

If this over before 14 April many plans which I make to do on 14 April 2020 will came to an action.

So let we combine pray for this so that the peoples like me who are stuck outside of their hometown can go to their home very soon.

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