Kurukshetra – First Tour Place of My Life

Hello Guys, I am a Lifestyle and Travel Blogger. So when it start and how I develop interest in it. It starts from Kurukshetra – First Tour Place of My Life.

Train Photo
Train Journey

So, it was the time when I was in 6th standard and by one school tour, all of this started.

In 2006, I was in 6th class and one day an announcement was made that two day school tour to, Kurukshetra – The Land of Mahabharata Yudh, is organized by Government School Authorities.

Then I came home after school and told my parents that our school is organizing a tour to Kurukshetra.

And my parents didn’t refuse me and they said OK, you can go on that tour and all the best.

Because at that time I was only 11 years old and it was my first time that I was going without my parents outside my village.

Kurukshetra – First Tour Place of My Life

As you definitely hear about Mahabharata – The Biggest Holy Book of The World. Kurukshetra is the major place in Mahabharata as the Mahabharta Yudh has taken place here.

Kurukshetra is a city in Haryana state of India. It is also known as Dharmakshetra (“Holy Place”) and as the “Land of the Bhagavad Gita“.

According to the Puranas, Kurukshetra is a region named after King Kuru, the ancestor of Kauravas and Pandavas, as depicted in epic Mahabharata.

Kurukshetra is one of the major districts of Haryana state and it has many historical places to visit and to get some knowledge about our Indian history.

Tour Details – Kurukshetra

We travelled to Kurukshetra in train with our full tour group.

The nearest railway station from my village Danoda is Narwana which is 18 Kms from my village.

And the first train to Kurukshetra from Narwana is at 6:00 AM in the morning.

All of us reached at the railway station before the time of train.

When train arrived we all board the train and started our journey

In the train we enjoyed our journey and share many memories with each other.

After the journey of 3 hours we reached at the station ‘Thanesar’ and we left the train at that station.

After Thanesar there is only one station which is Kurukshetra. But we stopped our journey at Thanesar because our tour’s schedule was going to start from the Thanesar where the history of Kurukshetra exists.

Good Memory

On first day we visit Thanesar Town and at night we stayed at the ‘Jat Dharamshala’ which is a place where visitors can stay in Thanesar at very low cost.

We went to ‘Brahma Sarovar’ which is a Holy Lake of Kurukshetra. At Brahma sarovar the great fair organised time to time.

Also we visit at ‘Panorama’ where many science projects are shown in the different types of tables and stages.

In Panorama I also saw my first 3D movie with 3D glasses which is little bit scary😋.

On the first floor of the Panorama we saw the epic ‘Mahabharata’ which is described by the Statues and with sound systems in a spherical or panoramic views.

We also visit Shri Sthaneshwar Mahadev Temple in Thanesar.

On second day we head towards the Sheikh Chilli Tomb.

After exploring the Sheikh Chilli Tomb we started our journey back to our home by the train.

For the return journey we take train from Thanesar to Narwana.

Bad Memory

During the back journey one bad thing happen with me.

I was seated on my seat and my elbow was placed on the window of the train.

Suddenly window shutter fell on my arm and my arm stuck in the window.

Then my teachers ran towards me and remove my arm from that shutter and massage my arm.

This is my bad memory of that tour.

But I enjoyed very much on that tour and gain very important knowledge about our one part of history.

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