How Many Corona Virus Cases Till Now??

Want to know that how many corona virus cases till now?? So lets read about it.

Today 31 march 2020, Corona virus is now spread all over the world and at that time its spead not getting slow.

Its spreading much more faster than the past few weeks. Now the major problem is how to stop it?

How many corona virus cases till now??

First we know that till now how many cases gets corona positive.

So till now 770, 165 cases found corona positive all over the world.

And now the most effected country in the world is USA with approx 156’990 cases till now and still counting.

On the second number, there is Italy with total 101,739 cases till now.

Italy has the most deaths till now due to corona virus. The total number of deaths in Italy is 11591.

How many cases in India??

India is now under 21 days lockdown so that the transmission of corona virus should be minimise.

But after that, the cases of corona virus is still counting its numbers. Till now India has total 1347 corona positive cases.

In 1347 cases, 137 is recovered from the corona virus.

Due to this corona virus, all the world face econony drop. All the countris struggle to maintain their daily routine works.

Total number of cases, are still increasing. No one know when and how this gonna be stop.

But the best method to fight with corona virus is just quarantine yourself and stay away from outside people.

Follow lockdown rules properly if you want to stay healthy and keep corona virus away from you.
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